The wedding of Irfan bachdim and Jennifer kurniawan

Jennifer Kurniawan Said to marry footballer ever to strengthen the National team in the event the AFF Cup 2010, Irfan in July apparently not groundless. Jennifer finally officially dipersunting Irfan on Friday, July 8, 2011 in Germany

The hottest videos, Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez seen making out at the beach.

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The hottest videos, Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez seen making out at the beach. Selena Gomez looks sexy with a bikini and they both look so happy.Justin Bieber choose a vacation to Hawaii with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Like the two lovebirds who were intoxicated by love
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Syahrini Hot Video shoot gossip....

today news, Syahrini, Sexy Singer and actress take a sexy and hot shoot, her hot and nude body will hypnotic all of us.

News slanted as if the endless strikes Syahrini beautiful singer. Even in this June has been much gossip about her. But let Rini and  all the news about her.

"Well not nothing," he said when met at the Inbox SCTV in Manggarai,

And recently Rini rumored that she did plastic surgery on her face. Former duet this Hermansyah Anand denied that he was doing that and said if this was the original face. Recently it was rumored that Syahrini spent tens of millions of dollars for plastic surgery. When confirmed, Syahrini was denied.

Rini further added that he likes with his face while still in high school compared to now.

At first, people only know Syahrini often only appear intimate duet with ex-spouse Anang Hermansyah. Later  Syahrini many photographs that also appear intimate with other men.

Before lively discussion if Syahrini pressed her body in the male albino named Anton at an event in Bali, Syahrini also appeared cordial with Slank vocalist Kaka.

Hot Bikini in Summer

Ready for a new sexy bikini for the summer? yes look what she does with sexy body and hot innocent ...

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